The Nomination Process

Selecting the nominators 

    • 60-80 Nominators are chosen for the season based on a number of criteria. These criteria will be answered in an application sent to TPS regarding:
      • Range of theatrical viewing experience 
      • Location and availability 
      • Demonstrated understanding of theatrical artistry 
    • Theatre Puget Sound and The Gregory Awards Committee will choose the nominators based on those who best fit the criteria mentioned above. 
    • Nominators are on a 1-year basis with the option to continue for up to 3 years without further review. 
    • Nominators will register on and include conflicts of interest, transportation, schedule conflicts, and other factors to use when assigning Voters to performances. 

Assigning Nominators 

    • 8-10 Nominators will be randomly assigned to each show eligible for the Gregory Awards. 
    • Tickets must be reserved at least 2 weeks prior to opening night; 
    • Theatres may choose if nominators are given 1 or 2 tickets; 
    • The theatre is ultimately responsible for ensuring the nominators see their show; they will be able to login and see who is coming to their show and will be able to email the Voters regarding their ticket; 
    • Nominators must notify TPS immediately regarding anything preventing them from seeing their assigned show. 
    • Depending on the number of nominators, each will likely see 15-20 shows in a season 

Nominator voting 

    • Nominators must register their vote within 48 hours of seeing the show; 
    • Nominators will give a 1-100 vote on production, lighting, and acting performances that they found notable – 81-100 outstanding/excellent, 61-80 very good, 41-60 good, 21-40 competent, and 1-20 not professional 


    • At the end of the season, scores are compiled and calculated for each category – the top 4-5 artists in each category will become the “nominees” for each individual award. 

People’s Choice 

  • After nominations are announced,  a poll will be released allowing anyone to submit a name for an additional nominee ("People's Choice") for the actor, director, production and theatre awards.

​Recipient Voting 

    • TPS Members will vote on the nominees in each category; the highest voted in each category will be named as the recipient.