Complete Rules & Requirements

THE GREGORY AWARDS for Excellence in Theatre

Rules and Regulations for the Nomination Season
Revised July 2 2014

I. Statement of Purpose

The Gregory Awards strive to:

  • Present an opportunity to come together to celebrate theatre in our region;
  • Honor the outstanding achievements of our theatre practitioners; and
  • Raise the visibility of the local theatre scene as a whole.

II. Eligibility

  1. A play is eligible for Outstanding Production if: 
    1. It is fully produced and rehearsed within the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area;
      1. Greater Seattle Metropolitan area is defined as approximately 20 mile radius north, east and south of the city of Seattle.  Exceptions may be made based on Nominator availability.
    2. Gregory Awards season runs from August 1 - July 31.
      1. If the run of a play overlaps between seasons (ex. mid-July through mid-August) eligibility will be determined based on which season the majority of the performances reside in. If there is an equal amount, the play is eligible for the season beginning August 1.
    3. It is performed for a minimum period of 12 evening and weekend performances OR 3 weekends;
    4. By a theatre organization which is a full member of Theatre Puget Sound;
      1. If there is no producing organization, the individual producer must be a current individual member of TPS.
      2. In the case that a full member is involved in a co-production which is billed as such and  of which two or more theatre organizations are intrinsically and continuously involved in the production;
        1. If the partner organization is located within the Greater Seattle Metropolitan area, both organizations must be full members of TPS; and
        2. If the partner organization is located outside of the Seattle Metropolitan area, TPS membership is not required of the partner organization.
  2. Each play produced by a specific theatre organization may be reviewed for Gregory Awards consideration only once.  Remounted/encore presentations and reused artistic elements should not be submitted for Gregory Awards consideration.  
    1. Theatres are asked to notify TPS of any elements that should not be under Gregory Awards consideration with respect to this rule.
    2. A remount is defined as a play previously performed by an organization that contains more than 50% of the previous production’s creative cast.
  3. Acting elements of a play are eligible if:
    1. The play meets eligibility requirements in section II-A;
    2. Note that individuals are not required to be TPS members in order to be eligible, only the producing organization of the play.
    3. They are not in an understudy, student or intern role.
    4. They have not performed this role in the past 5 years
    5. Only cast members as of opening night of a production may receive consideration for outstanding actor or actress awards.
    6. In the event of multi-person casting in a single role, the Gregory Awards will view that role as one person.
      1. Example: Person 1 and Person 2 are both performing Caliban in The Tempest with Person 1 performing on Saturdays and Person 2 on Sundays.  The Nominator grading form will list that role as “Person 1/Person 2” as “Caliban” – if they received an award, it would go to both Person 1 AND Person 2 regardless of which one was seen by the Nominators.
  4. Design elements of a play are eligible if:
    1. The play meets eligibility requirements in section II-A; and
    2. The element was created specifically for this production;
  5. As these rules are still in development, TPS reserves the right to modify any requirement in order to better serve the spirit of the awards.

III. Responsibilities for Participating Organizations

Participating theatre organizations must meet all of the above participation requirements for each production submitted for consideration as well as the following responsibilities:

  1. Productions will only be considered for review if they have been submitted on at the beginning of the season by the designated due date OR submitted via no less than 6 weeks prior to the first performance of that production.  Productions submitted with less than 6 weeks notice will be scheduled at the discretion of the Gregory Awards based on Nominator availability.  TBA/TBD productions may not be submitted. Creative team members and cast may be added in at a later date, but before opening night. Each theatre organization must create a login for  No paper forms will be accepted for this program.
  2. Make TPS aware of any changes that occur to the existing submitted schedule no later than one month prior to the first public performance.  This would include any changes in the production title, the performance schedule, or venue.  Any cast changes that occur mid-run should also be reported as soon as they are known. 
  3. Theatres are responsible for making their production’s cast and crew information complete on before opening night of the production.  TPS is not responsible for any actor, designer,  etc. which is left off the Nominators’ online ballot, and any cast and crew information left off the Nominator’s ballot will not be recognized by the Gregory Awards process.
  4. Nominator tickets and attendance—all participating theatre organizations must:
    1. Provide and hold aside at least 10 complimentary tickets to be used by the Nominators; Nominators will contact the theatres in advance to schedule when their ticket will be used. 
    2. While TPS will do its best to monitor nominator activity, it is ultimately the organization’s responsibility to be sure all 10 Nominators attend a performance by the end of their run.
      1. Nominator names and contact information will be made available in advance to the participating organization.
    3. Provide TPS with a “Gregory Awards Nominator Contact” name, email and phone number to handle all ticket requests/modifications.
    4. Allow Nominators to attend their productions by the following schedule guidelines:
      1. A Nominator may come to any performance during the entirety of the run including and after opening night.  No previews will be attended unless the theatre organization makes such allowances;
      2. The Nominators and TPS must be notified immediately if an understudy is going on at any time for any lead or supporting actor.  Nominators are not permitted to review performances in such an instance and must be notified immediately so that they may change their reservations;
      3. Prior to the last week of performances, theatre organizations must review their attendance records to be sure all Nominators assigned to see your play have attended or made their reservations for the final week of performance.  
  5. Performance Space Environment
    1. The theatre space must meet all federal, state and local fire code regulations and ordinances. 
  6. Marketing – all participating theatre organizations must:
    1. Provide press release, digital version of poster and color production photos to TPS prior to closing night;
    2. Provide contact information for all actors, designers, etc. on all Gregory Awards nominated productions to TPS prior to opening night;
    3. Advertise participation in the Gregory Awards and membership in Theatre Puget Sound in all production playbills and programs.  Specifically, these words must appear with the Gregory Awards logo in all playbills and programs of productions under Gregory Awards consideration: “[name of organization] proudly participates in the Gregory Awards for Excellence in Theatre, a program of Theatre Puget Sound.”;
    4. A template containing both the TPS and Gregory Awards logo is available upon request.

IV. Nominator Selection

  1. Each year, TPS will solicit applications for the Nominator pool.
  2. TPS staff will review applications from which a pool of approximately 60-90 selected Nominators will be presented to the Gregory Awards Committee for final review before being appointed.  Selected Nominators will agree to serve from August 1 to July 31 for the season under review and may be invited back for three consecutive years without further screening.
  3. The Gregory Awards Committee will consider the following criteria when identifying candidates for the voting pool:
    1. Range of experience as a working theatre practice;
    2. Degree of training in applied theatre practice;
    3. Range of theatre viewing experience;
    4. Demonstrated understanding of theatrical artistry;
    5. Other relevant theatre experience

V. Nominator Process

  1. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 Nominators are randomly assigned and scheduled to review each production under Gregory Awards consideration. 
  2. Ballots from the Nominators are submitted via  Each Nominator has his/her own login and password allowing them to submit their scores securely online.  Ballots will not be permitted via email or fax.
  3. Each of the Nominators may give point values (from 1-100) in all applicable categories and based on the degree to which a production has achieved artistic excellence.  These scores will not be made public.
    1. The Nominators will receive specific criteria for grading each category, and will use these criteria as a guideline when determining point values in each category.
  4. The Gregory Awards Committee attempts to choose dedicated Nominators in order that a minimum of 60 Nominators will participate in the Gregory Awards.  The submitted ballots of any Nominator who resigns during the season will count toward the determination of final nominees and award recipients.

VI. Determination of Final Nominees

  1. At the end of the season, TPS will tabulate the data from the Nominator ballots.  In each category, the 4-5 highest-scored choices (using a weighted mathematical formula) will become nominees.
  2. A public poll will then be sent allowing them to submit one name to certain categories.  When the poll closes, the name with the highest amount of votes will be added to the nominee list as the “People’s Voice” nominee.

VII. Determining Recipients

  1. TPS Members will be sent a poll with the nominees from each category. 
  2. Once the poll is closed, TPS will check the results and the recipient in each category will be the individual, show or organization with the most votes.
  3. In the event of a tie, the award will go to both names.

VIII. Award Categories

  1. Award categories under Nominator adjudication
    1. Outstanding Leading Actor in a Production
    2. Outstanding Leading Actress in a Production
    3. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Production 
    4. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Production
    5. Outstanding Leading Actor in a Musical
    6. Outstanding Leading Actress in a Musical
    7. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical
    8. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical
    9. Outstanding Choreography
    10. Outstanding Director in a Production
    11. Outstanding Production
    12. Outstanding Costume Design in a Production
    13. Outstanding Lighting Design in a Production
    14. Outstanding Music or Sound Design in a Production
    15. Outstanding Scenic Design in a Production
    16. Outstanding New Play
    17. Theatre of the Year